The Amba RWH-CB is considered as one of the most versatile and hardwired towel warmers when compared to the other products in the market. This device has 10 crossbars and they are constructed well for optimal drying. This can be used for both commercial use and the home use due to its better performance. It warms your towels quickly and they are highly durable because of its high quality.


This device has a special feature that it works efficiently and the bars are heated evenly. As it has 10 cross bars that helps to warm multiple towels at a time. This device is constructed well by having a closer lock and they stay away from the wall with needed distance when they are used as wall mounted.

Features of Amba RWH-CB

Optimum Heating

The Amba RWH-CB is of 10 cross bars which produce heat to warm the towels. They work both vertically and horizontally so the towels in the warmer will be warmed or dried soon. In extension they may produce large amount of heat and the towels are heated soon.

Integrated On/Off Switch

The switches are placed in the bottom of the device that can be preserved when they are attached in the bathrooms because it will stay away from water. You can even set the time duration you want for the towel to be get warmed. So this makes easy for you to get a warm towel at the right time.

Materials used

The Amba RWH-CB is made using heavy duty 304 stainless steel and that helps to increase the longevity and the stability. The risk of electricity related faults and injuries are controlled by the concealed wiring in the wall.

Minimal Power Consumption

This towel warmer consumes only limited amount of power which is equivalent to a couple of light bulbs. This device has got the UL certification by considering it as the safest towel warmer.


There will be a user guide in its package and that helps the user to install the device easily. The device is constructed with quality products and they are highly safe too. A matching cover plate is supplied along with the device. They heats up multiple number of towels at a time. The towels are warmed well within the short period. This device is highly affordable and it is worthy for the price.


There are not too much of disadvantages by using this product. When you use multiple towels to heat at a same time there should be some space between each towels or else the towels will not be warmed well. This device takes time to warm the towels when there are large numbers placed at a single time.

Amba RWH-CB Radiant Towel Warmer

Special Feature:

This device is completely easy to install. To avoid your confusions you can get help from the user guide which is provided along the package.

Key features:

+ Grade 304 stainless steel,

+ Built in on/off switch.


+ Easy to install,

+ Solid device.


+ Take time to warm towels.

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

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The Amba RWH-CB is one of the top branded and that makes you comfort when you start using this device. This article helps you to learn about the full specifications and the features and high lights and the draw backs of this product. Am sure this product will attract you when you view its outlook. These words are written only after a clear view about the products function and the reviews from the customers used this device. You can gain happiness when you buy this product and experiencing its benefits.