Till now, didn’t get a right towel warmer for your bathroom? Then worry no more; as Myson towel warmers are readily available in today’s market to wipe out all your tension and stress. You can able to find different towel warmer models available in today’s market, but none can able to provide well qualified heating feature to warm out your towels in a quick manner.


Myson is a famous leading towel warmer brand among the worldwide as it manufactures high end products based on the user desire and comfort range. Myson towel warmers are specially implemented with the European twist designing to showcase everything like perfect appliances.

Myson towel warmers gains its popularity among most of the customers and provides you an absolute luxurious experience similar to that of the spa right at your home under a limited affording range.

Advanced heating technology is highly equipped in both electric and hydronic type of Myson towel warmers as per a user concern. Continue to read out the myson towel warmer product which I have listed down below for picking the best one to make your purchase a reasonable one.

For what reason, Myson towel warmers are superior one?

The main target of using the myson towel warmers is to make your things warm out best even in the wet bathroom. Myson towel warmer is efficient in quick heating ability, that’s why most of the people are attracted towards it.

Myson continue to produce variety of towel warmers with different design and features for fitting perfectly with every user desire. Myson towel warmers are the safest warmers which are verified with ETL endorsement.

Any can able to easily install this myson towel warmer as it comes in two different installations such as wall mount and floor mount. Not only it is affixed with reasonable low price tags, but also it affords its best valuable service to the users. 

List of Best Myson Towel Warmers

PictureNameKey FeaturePriceOur Rating
myson-wdia12-12-towel-warmerMyson WDIA12 towel warmerCorrosion Resistant $$$5 Stars (5 / 5)
myson-wprl10m-towel-warmerMyson WPRL10M Towel WarmerPrevent mildews $$4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)
myson-wprl08-towel-warmerMyson WPRL08 towel warmerPrevent moist $$4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)
myson-fprl08m-towel-warmerMyson FPRL08M towel warmerEasy to install$$4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)
myson-eecosh-86ch-towel-warmerMyson EECOSH-86CH towel warmerSafe Hanger $$$$4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

Myson WDIA12 towel warmer

Want to equip a towel warmer product with lot number of bars? Get this myson WDIA12 12 bar wall mountable towel warmer for keeping your towels warm in your wet bath space.

Myson WDIA12 towel warmer is specially designed with a attractive wall mounting feature with four wall brackets for perfect tight affixation. It helps to reduce all the moist odor smell from your bathroom by making your wet towels to a dry condition.

Its space saving module let you to handle the tool in an easy manner along with it’s illuminated on/off switching ability. With this 12 enough spaced bar implementation, you can able to dry and warm your towels, bedding, lingerie, small blankets and other small clothing.

Being a less energy consumption product, it helps to save your money wastage in paying additional current bills. This towel warmer is highly designed with safe reliable heating element to stay comfort every time without any odor problems.

This overall stainless steel towel warmer is constructed with light weight measuring for user comfortable handling. It is specially made with high quality resistant facility against corrosion and other damages to prove its high durability.

Our #1 Pick:Myson WDIA12 towel warmer

Special Feature:

This myson towel warmer series is highly equipped with 12 enough spaced bar of wall mounting design to keep your towels and other clothing in a warm state. Its high quality resistance ability fights against corrosion that worth for long duration period.

Key features:

+ 12 bar tower warmer,

+ 4 wall brackets.


+ Corrosion resistant,

+ Quick heating option.

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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Myson WPRL10M Towel Warmer

With this Myson WPRL10M 10 bar wall mountable towel warmer, you can able to provide a perfect warm place for your towels and other clothing to equip. It is ideal option to keep your towel dry without moisture and odor smell with this myson towel warmer series.

This sturdy wall mountable towel warmer consists of four wall brackets to get tight fit against the wall. Its energy efficient feature allow the device to consume less amount of energy such that you can able to save money in paying a lot for electricity bills.

You can equip a safe and secure heating effect with this myson 10 bar wall mountable towel warmer. It matte pearl colored finish is absolutely stunning and it also offers a hassle free experience throughout its usage. This towel warmer is specially vented with high durable stainless steel materials for long term usage.

Not only it provide mess free applications, but also it includes 10 enough spaced bar to equip all your towels and other accessories without wet, mildews and bad odors. This non corrosive wall mounting towel warmer comes out with illuminated type of easy on/off switching.

Our #2 Pick:Myson WPRL10M Towel Warmer

Special Feature:

You can make use of this myson towel warmer which includes 10 enough space bar to keep wet, moist and odor out from your towels and other clothing with its energy efficient heating effect.

Key features:

+ Non corrosive towel warmer,

+ Illuminated on/off switch.


+ Prevent mildews,

+ Safe heating effect.


+ Moderate heating effect.

Our Rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

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Myson WPRL08 towel warmer

If you want to get rid of the moist and odors smell out from your towels hanging over the bathrooms, Myson WPRL08 8 bar wall mountable towel warmer is the perfect choice to make a purchase.

You can equip towels, coats, underwear, small blankets and much more with this smaller unit named Myson WPRL08 wall mount towel warmer. Its safe electric heating technology enables you to stay safe from bad odor smells, moist and mildews formation.

With this myson wall mounting towel warmer series, you can attain enough space with its 8 bar implementation. It performs with high efficiency to keep your bathroom in a warm state.

This energy efficient system let you to stay safe and worry free against bad happenings. It is specially designed and vented with durable casing of stainless steel material to hang and dry out your bulk amount of accessories at a same time.

It is a wall mountable unit which requires 4 wall brackets to get attached with the surface of the wall. This energy efficient model consumes only less amount of energy compared to that of the light bulb power consumption.

If you make use of this Myson 8 bar wall mounting towel warmer, you can able to save lot money on your electricity bills. You can experience the safe reliable heating effect with hassle free performance.

This light weight measurable myson towel warmer unit is easy to install and handle. With it’s illuminated on and off switching option, you can attain a full comfort safe zone usage.

Our #3 Pick:Myson WPRL08 towel warmer

Special Feature:

This myson towel warmer series included with the feature of 8 enough spaced wall mountable towel warmer to equip your towels and other clothing in a warm state every time. Its safe electric heating technology enables you not to waste your saving against electricity bills.

Key features:

+ 8 bar wall mounting,

+ Energy efficient system.


+ Prevent moist,

+ Light weight measurable.


+ Less powerful.

Our Rating: 4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

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Myson FPRL08M towel warmer

Still searching for a good device to warm you towel, once make a try with this myson FPRL08M 8 bar floor mount towel warmer tool I have for you. Surely this innovative heating element allows the heat to pass through its vertical and horizontal cross bars for warming your clothing accessories.

You can able to hang out three or more towels on this towel warmer such that it take only 15 minutes to warm out your towels and other accessories. It is one of the perfect electric towel warmers for your bathrooms to get rid of all moist, mildews and unpleasant smelling.

Not only it helps to reduce the bathroom odor smells, moisture and mildew formation, but also it comes under an easy affording range. This myson FPRL08 towel warmer is implemented with the backlit insulated on and off switching option for convenient usage.

It also includes matching installation accessories and UL authorized certificates that are compatible to use for domestic, spa and hotel applications. With this portable floor myson towel warmer, you can able to use and move anywhere around your space based on your desire.

This high quality stainless steel durable towel warmer highly designed with the pearl matte finish and its 8 bar provides enough spacing to hang lots of clothing. Its corrosion resistant allows you to stay out from the heavy water exposure to damage the towel warmer tool.

Our #4 Pick:Myson FPRL08M towel warmer

Special Feature:

You can make use of the 8 enough spaced bar floor mountable towel warmer to warm out your towels and other clothing. Its high durable stainless steel design constitutes the ability to withstand against corrosion exposure.

Key features:

+ 8 bar floor mountable,

+ Stainless steel design.


+ Easy to install,

+ Innovative design.


+ Low heating ability.

Our Rating: 4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

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Myson EECOSH-86CH towel warmer

Treat yourself and your guest with warmth toasty towels with the absence of moisture, odor smells and mildews formation through this myson EECOSH-86CH contemporary designer towel warmer.

It creates a main focal point for decorating and adding heat to make your towels in a warm condition. This elegant towel warmer design is highly designed to ease your towel usage with accurate warm effect.

This classic comfort towel warmer is one of the best electric warmers used around the globe today. It is usually powered up with 200 watt element to provide the exact warmth to your towel and other clothing accessories.

It comes out with complete safe backlit switching for making your work easier. This myson tower warmer is specially designed to warm out bulk amount of towel accessories at same time.

For your convenience, this myson towel warmer is highly equipped with the facility to mount on the wall surface for perfect affixation. This classic straight multi rail design includes 18 bars to provide you an enough space to hang out your towels.

Myson manufacturer make use of the high quality materials to design out this towel warmer series. It is available in four different sizing to satisfy and meet your desire. Also it is effectively approved by ETL for use safe and secure usage purposes.

Our #5 Pick:Myson EECOSH-86CH towel warmer

Special Feature:

Its classic multi rail design allow you to decorate and keep warmth your towels and other clothing accessories out from moisture, odor smell and mildews formation. This wall mountable myson towel warmer series is specially designed to equip lot of towels with its 18 bar implementation.

Key features:

+ ETL approved,

+ Classic multi rail design.


+ Prevent odor sensation,

+ Safe hanging unit.


+ No enough space between bars.

Our Rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

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All of the myson towel warmer models are innovatively designed and manufactured with latest heating technology to attract most of the customers. Myson towel warmer is one of the popular international branded models all over the universe. No other products matches with the standard of myson towel warmer models so that I strongly recommend you to choose any of the myson towel warmer tool from the above list which I have mentioned in the article. I do hope that this review help you to make a smart move for purchasing the best myson towel warmer model. If you like this article, do share this article with your friends and relatives and pen down your valuable comments below.