Brookstone TowelSpa Towel Warmer is the automatic turning off of the featured device which is produced by a very compact design and is used at the counter tops; it can warm any of the towels, blankets and robes among other garments in this versatile towel warmer.


The Towel Warmer was designed by brookstone; it is to keep your towels warms and this warmer helps in keeping the towels up to 120 degrees warm hot within 10 minutes. The product is designed to a very large product which is extra large model and accommodates up to two large towels.

The towel warmer is produced by a transparent lid which helps you and allows you to see inside the conditions.  The product is featured by an auto shut off equipment which is to shut down at their standard level; its plug made by a 120 V AC outlet. This warmer is shaped like a trash can.

The towel should not smell so it should be highly noticeable. As the smell should be demitted it should be kept in the warmer and should be used in the towel warmer to warm the towel. This towel warmer to get warm, this is used as a cycling warming process. Then let it cool down completely, then run it again like that, you can see the getting rid of smell.

The cover is clear Plexiglas and you can see the condition of the towel from the warmer drying any damp towel you’d put in there. Just be careful when warming things with metal or plastic zippers, buttons, or snaps. It could end up causing something sensitive to become very uncomfortable. The below review shows the features and their uses of the product.

Features of Brookstone TowelSpa Towel Warmer

  1. Automatic Shut Off

The towel warmer consists of the automatic function which is very easy to use which is unlike the other towels warmers, the Brookstone is the mounted wall device. The device is switched on after the towel is placed in the towel warmer and then it is switched off automatically it saves more time and is current units.

  1. Toasty hot towels in minutes

The towel warmer is designed in such a way that it allows you to keep warm and stay concern; it is used for warm up to 2 towels at the same time, and gives you better benefits, it can fit more than 1 towel and produces more crispy and toasty warm towels which is very better to use with them.

  1. Simple to use

This products assembly is very simple and hence it is very easy to use with it. It is produced by the simple outcome design by the automatic function so that it is our duty to switch on the button and then is easily worked; it is then switched off by the automatic functioning of the system.


  • This product is very easy to use.
  • Automatic functioning of the system.
  • Toasty warm towel in few minutes.
  • Can fit more large towels at the time.


This product has little low guarantee process because of their low quality system.

Brookstone TowelSpa Towel Warmer TSK-5202MM

Special Feature:

This warmer is shaped like a trash can. The extra design which is constructed is the warming of the oversized towels which can keep the heat up to 120 F.

Key features:

+ 120 degrees warm hot,

+ Auto shut off.


+ Stable,

+ Luxurious.


+ Low quality.

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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Brookstone TowelSpa Towel Warmer have a simple design which is very easy to process in it and a clean construction so that the towel is kept safe and easy to use with it, the warmer helps to maintain a constant temperature. By the reviews of the towel warmer you can make use of the right product which satisfies your needs.