Towel warmers are innovative devices used in bathrooms, near polls and other places. These towels warmers have become one of the essential equipments used within the bathrooms. As these towel warmers are useful devices, care should be takes while affording them.


Improper towel warmers affect your needs, money, power etc. Before choosing the towel warmer, you should find the common mistakes you do with towel warmer. By finding them, you can rectify it and choose the best towel warmer as per as your need. To guide you, I have listed some of the mistakes performed while affording the towel warmer.

Selecting wrong brand

The towel warmers are attractive devices and so many brands have come forward with their own models of towel warmers. The features and characteristics of towel warmers vary based on the brand. Some offer towel warmers with advanced functions and characteristics while some offers with cheap functions.

So while selecting the brand, one should select the towel warmer from reputable and reliable manufactures. Because the product from these manufactures offers reliability and hope to the users. These products also offer lot of safety and additional information to the users.

Selecting wrong style

The next mistake made by the users is the style. The towel warmers are available in various styles and varieties. These styles are innovative and they are designed to attract the users. But, only a few styles of towel warmer among them offers comfort while other become a burden within the bathrooms.

To avoid this, refer all the available styles of towel warmers. Then select a style that suite your bathroom. Check out the size and space occupied by the towel warmer and it should also satisfy your need.

Selecting wrong installing feature

The towel warmers are available in two types of installation methods. These two methods are powerful and they improve all the innovative and advanced functions of the product to a great extend. They are the wall mounted and stand alone installation technique.

The wall mounted technique offers permanent installation mechanism whereas the stand alone technique can be re-positioned easily. Both these installations are effective, and the user should choose them based on their need. If the user requires towel warmer within the bathrooms, wall installation is a better choice. If they need it in outdoor, then stand alone technique is the better choice.

Need of timer

Timer is programmable device that offers automatic shut-off feature to the towel warmers. This timer is built within the towel warmer to avoid leakage and burning. Further, the timer also saves the power bill of the users.

 So, while affording towel warmers, people should check whether the towel warmer has a timer or not. Affording towel warmer without timer will affect its performance and reduces the safety features of the products.

Selecting Capacity

The towel warmers are available in various capacity ranges. The user should choose the capacity according to their need. Choosing high capacity towel warmer for single person use is completely a waste of time and power. So the user should select the best towel warmer according to their need and performance.

Selecting power source and installing feature

Next important mistake is while selecting power source and installing feature. Generally there are three types of towel warmers and these three types have separate power source and installation feature. The hydronic towel warmer reduces the use of power source and it operates with water heating technology. This warmer should be mounted near water heater.

Other two models should be mounted near electricity plugs. The hard wires method needs plugs within the mounted region where as the plug-in method uses cords for mounting the product.

Selecting the surface area

Make sure that you install the towel warmer within less coverage area. Reducing the coverage area will increase the ease of use. Afford a proper towel warmer based on your need and surface area.

Afford towel warmer only if you need

Many people install towel warmer in their bathrooms just to decorate it. But the need of towel warmer is totally different. Afford a towel warmer when you have perfect reasons to afford it. Else it will be a waste of money.

The above mentioned are some of the important mistakes that the person commonly makes while affording a towel warmer. So, try to avoid these mistakes and use a useful towel warmer with high performance and safety features.

If you find other mistakes, share it with us in the comment box below.