For people who tried of warming out bulk amount of towels in a separate manner, I have provided a perfect solution for this problem here below. Make use of this elite hot towel mini cabinet to warm out several towels even with this single unit at a same time.


Preparing hot dry towels in short duration timing is one of the troublesome tasks. You don’t need to wait for warming out several towels separately instead makes use of this elite hot towel mini cabinet to achieve the task.

Elite hot towel mini cabinet product allows you hot, fresh and hygienic towels with the perfect warm effect just within a one click. When you make use of this towel cabinet warmer in spa, you can able to afford the clients a comfort atmosphere with full satisfaction.

Elite hot towel cabinet warmer fulfill your need of finding the best towel warmer throughout the year. Continue to read out this article to grasp more information about elite hot towel cabinet warmer model before moving on to the purchase.

Features included in Elite hot towel mini cabinet warmer

Love to own a new towel cabinet warmer that perfectly fit into your space? Then have this elite hot towel mini cabinet warmer device to keep you towels warm all day long.

Temperature effect – Elite hot towel mini cabinet warmer can able to offer you a even heating effect with 160 degree for warming out your bulk amount of towels even at the same duration.

Storage capacity – It constitute the ability to hold up to the maximum high range of 12 regular facial towels. You can able to store lot number of towels without worrying about the bad happenings.

Compact design – Elite hot towel mini cabinet warmer is a handy type of warmer case that is very much perfect for storing in your space. This compact design can also be fitted into the areas where the floor spacing are limited and it neatly affixed with any virtual closets, storage rooms and more.

Rust Proof construction – It comes out with the design implementation of rust proof material to withstand against corrosion and other damages. This rust proof construction includes high durability and strength to withstand extreme temperature exposure not to damage the towels.

Interior implementation – This towel cabinet warmer consists of an interior towel racks to place the towel for warming out. Its water drip pan allow you a perfect drain path to completely dry out your towels within 15 minutes of time duration.

How Elite Hot towel mini cabinet warmer’s benefits differs from others?

Being a sturdy constructed towel cabinet warmer, it can able to successfully sanitize your towels by preventing and killing the bacteria, microbes and other harmful micro organisms out from your towels.

You just want to simply pre soak your towels, roll on and place it inside the unit. Then it automatically perform its warming operation to drain out all the wet. With this elite hot towel mini cabinet warmer, you can easily move out anywhere around your space as per your desire.

It is perfect suit for places with space limitations and constrictions. Due to its dainty feature, it can fit tight into any spacing. It does not rely on the usage of light bulbs what are much expensive to use.

Elite hot towel mini cabinet comes out with the inclusion of padded heating unit to runs through all internal wall spacing with even heat distribution. Its hefty insulation factor holds the heat inside the device for reducing the usage of energy to maintain the temperature in a constant ranging.

Its door seals well, but also you can able to open it easily. With its quite door opening feature, you can archive the peaceful surrounding without any kind of interruption. Due to its even temperature consistent effect, you can stay safe and secure from overheating and other bad exposures.

Elite Hot Towel Mini Cabinet

Special Feature:

This spa luxe mini hot towel cabinet is specially designed with the rust free aluminum material to withstand the corrosion and other damages to the unit. Its even heating technology allows you to warm out your towels accurately and efficiently.

Key features:

+ Water drip pan,

+ Even heating technology.


+ Safe heating measure,

+ Less expensive.


+ No variable temperature settings.

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

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