In many homes and salons you are able to find Hot Towel Cabinets as a small appliance. Their purpose is to keep the towels warm and dry for your daily use. Most of the people may come into contact with these appliances when they visit their local salon. It is an ideal appliance for massage therapists who may choose to offer heat therapy treatments to their customers using the hot towels.


Due to their popularity the salons and spas have bought into the idea of using hot towel treatments and so they are now available on the retail market also. They will not heat the room; they are great at warming all kinds of linen. So rather than stepping into a cold bed in the late evening you can choose to lie on top of a warm linen sheet wrapped up in a warm blanket, both can be warmed up in the appliance. Their appearance is generally in the form of a small cabinet.

Features to look out for in a Hot Towel Cabinet Double

The maximum capacity of the cabinet it holds maximum number of towels during a cycle. The unit is capable to reaching maximum temperature. The unit uses UV technology to sanitize towels. The size of the unit is compact and they are enough to fit into a small room. A drip tray will be available in the bottom of the cabinet and they are removable too.

Advantages of using a Hot Towel Cabinet Double

There are many advantages of using a hot towel cabinet. It is large in size and so it helps to make multiple amounts of towels warm at a same time in a single cycle. As the warmer is compact in size it can be fixable in any room. As the cabinet has double door, it can be used if you want small number of towels to be heated and it does not consume electricity in great value. When one rack of the cabinet is filled the electricity is used only for the one cabinet. The cabinet is designed with the drip tray and it helps to collect the water in the cabinet and they can be removed and cleaned easily. It heats up the towels in a needed temperature. The cabinet will be built – in with the UV so that it helps to sterilize the system well. This UV sterilizer helps to keep the towel germs free so you will not be affected by any kind of damages in the skin.

Disadvantages of using a Hot Towel Cabinet Double

In every kind of towel cabinet double there are some disadvantages. In some device there will not be any kind of adjustments in the heating temperature. The towels in the upper area get hot soon and the bottom area takes time to get hot. The one side of the room gets hot and the other side will be normal. There will be a bad odor when you ON the device and once you open the door you are able to feel the smell. There will be some leakage of water when the drip tray works badly.


The hot towel cabinet double helps you to save time and it makes you warm in when you are chill. No hot towel cabinets are made of bulb to heat the towel inside it. The towel inside it warms gently and they are kept germs free as they are built in with UV. They are highly useful for doing heat therapy and after massage. I hope this article may help you to know every functions of the hot towel cabinets double.