Want to know about the towel warmer product’s installation? Here is the answer to this question. Most of the people find troublesome with the installation guide included with the towel warmer products.


To quit your search about the installation procedures for towel warmer tools, I have pen down the step by step procedure included in the towel warmer installation. Just take some minute to read this article so that you can able to archive the steps involved in installing a towel warmer.

Are towel warmers are troublesome to install?

Towel warmers are not that much troublesome to install even without a practical installation experience. The only difficulty included in the towel warmer installation is based on the heating source elements and its mounting features.

With electric towel warmers, you are featured with either hardwired or plug in type to avoid the additional installation setup. Free standing towel warmers are the best and most flexible unit to install anywhere around your space.

You can also install on your own with this hydronic towel warmers. With the installation of the best towel warmer, you can archive spa comforts of using hygienic and dry towels even at your home.

Things that need for the towel warmer installation

If you plan to install a new towel warmer in your bathroom space, collect all the needed things near to you. Materials and tools like screwdriver, drilling machine, toggle bolts, wiring nuts, torpedo leveling tool and towel warmer installation kit are the most important thing to have during the towel warmer installation process.

Steps involved in installing a towel warmer unit

After collecting all those needed material near to you, follow the below mention step by step procedure to efficiently install the towel warmer in your bathroom space for avoiding the existence of microbes, mildews formation, moisture content and unpleasant smelling.

Step 1: Searching for a perfect suitable location.

Get start to install the towel warmer by locating the perfect location in your space. Before beginning the installation process, you should decide the exact location that you want to place the towel warmer in your bathroom space. Since the traction of perfect location rely on everyone’s particular preference and desire.

Step 2: Reading Installation Guide

Make sure to read once about the installation guide include with your new towel warmer package. With its installation guide, you can easily know where to fix the different detachable pieces. Most installation guides comes out with different languages for user comfortable installation process.

Step 3: Get start with installation

Attach the legs of the towel warmer to form a perfect frame and then secure it with the use of screws. The legs are the most important factor in the towel warmer that it provides enough space to hold the towel with accurate distance from the wall for warming out efficiently.

Step 4: Level marking on walls

After attaching the towel warmer legs, mark the exact location of the four wall brackets included with the towel warmer unit to that of the wall surface. Make use of the Torpedo leveling tool to ensure about the accurate construction degree of the markings.

Step 5: Hole drilling on Markings

Use drilling machine to make a holes for the toggle bolts on the wall surface and if it is a tile surface, make use of the ceramic bit. Ceramic bit is highly equipped with the ability not to crack the tile fitted wall surface.

With the template, you can easily mark the center point of the legs for placing the holes accurately. Once if it is done, then insert the toggle bolts to drill the holes and secure the towel warmer legs into its place. 

Step 6: Electrical connectivity

Connect the lead wire on to the casing before implementing other wires with the towel warmers based on the installation guide. Then attach the cover plate to the electrical connectivity box for producing the power to start up this tower warmer unit.

Step 7: Tight mounting of towel warmer

After making the electrical connection, secure the towel warmer to its wall mounting position by tightening its legs with correct positioning through the tightening screws. You may now verify the towel warmer for perfect stability with your hands after finishing the installation process.

Step 8: Final verification

Mount your wet towels over the towel warmer unit to verify whether it is drying out complete wet towels properly or not. Now enjoy a hot bath with clean, perfect dry and hygienic towels free from moist, mildews and odor sensation.

I do hope that this article about the towel warmer’s installation procedures helps you to find the perfect way for installing your towel warmer in your desirable bathroom spacing.