Are you in search of energy efficient towel warmers? Here is the best choice for you. LCM Home Fashion 6-Bar Freestanding Towel Warmer is a simple towel warmer that has various features with it. This is an attractive towel warmer that can be used in all the places with ease of use.


The LCM Home Fashion towel warmer is an indoor towel warmer that is designed especially for home use. The performance of this towel warmer is high. It instantly warms and dries the towels and so it stand as a best choice among various people.

LCM Home Fashion Free Standing Towel Warmer

The LCM Home Fashion Towel Warmer is a free standing towel warmer that can be repositioned easily to various places. Various important features and benefits of this towel warmer are listed below.


Free standing

The attractive feature of this towel warmer is the free standing characteristics. Installation is almost simple with this design. This towel warmer comes with a stand.  With this stand, it can be placed anywhere easily. It can be re-positioned to various places with this stand.

In addition to this, the towel warmer also has wall mounting installation setup with it. This setup is also easy and it can be done with the help of simple tools. Further, wall installation is permanent and it can be sued in all types and models of houses.


The design of this towel warmer is soft and simple. This simple design is attractive, and so the towel warmer can be placed easily in various places with high performance. In addition to this, it has 6-bars setup.

These 6 bars are equally spaced and so the towels can be warmed completely. The space within the bars is high and so it offers complete safety to the users. This product is attractive and durable.

Aluminum frame

The frames and bars of this product are designed with aluminum material. This aluminum frame resists corrosion completely, and so the durability of the product is high compared to others. This product can also withstand heat and so variations in power does not affect the characteristics of thee product.

This aluminum frame is covered with brushed chrome plating. This plating is effective, and it provides an attractive outlook to the product. This finish also improves the durability of the product to a great extend.

Electric towel warmer

This is an electric towel warmer that operates with the help of power. The power intake is provided with the help of plug-in method. Further, the operating voltage of this towel warmer is about 110-120V. This power offers instant heating to the bars, and so the towels can be warmed easily with this product.


This is an electric device, and so it required plug-in cords for operation. The cords are designed with high-quality materials that offer complete safety to the users. The length of the cord is 6-foot, and it transmits power instantly. With this, the bars get heated up to 122 Fahrenheit within 30 minutes.


This is an economic towel warmer that offers higher safety and advanced functions to the user. Further, this product is designed with energy efficient characteristics. This characteristic reduces the power and energy bill of the users.


Some important advantages of the product are listed below.

  • The cost of this product is less and this product can be afforded easily.
  • The aluminum design offers performance, and so this product can be sued for a long time.
  • This towel warmer is temperature and weather resistant.
  • Installation method is simple, and it can be done easily.


This towel warmer has very less disadvantages with it. This towel warmer offers instant heating, but the temperature may vary, and so the towel takes the time to warm down. Further, the cord length may not be sufficient for outdoor activities.

LCM Home Fashion 6-Bar Towel Warmer

Special Feature:

The cost of this towel warmer is less compared to other products. Hence this product can be afforded easily by all the people.

Key features:

+ Aluminum frame

+ 6 bars.


+ Durable,

+ Easy to install.


+ Warming time is high.

Our Rating: 4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

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From the above it is clear that the LCM Home Fashion Towel Warmer is a multifunctional towel warmer that offers higher performance to the users. This towel warmer is cost effective and energy effective. So try this towel warmer and share your reviews in the box given below.