Want to have a perfect high end hot towel cabinet that comes out with an inclusion of an extreme performance and high reliability? Spa luxe mini hot towel cabinet towel cabi is the fine solution to move on.


The spa luxe towel warmer hot towel cabinet is a perfect product to keep the moist and odor formation out from your towels. Spa luxe mini hot towel cabinet is compatible for massage therapists, spa therapists, barbers and manicurists.

Spa luxe is one of the leading suppliers of hot towel cabinets that they sell high quality towel warmers and other spa related tools. Not only it provides best value for money but also it last for long duration period to provide the best service in warm out your towels.

Spa luxe manufacturing company is responsible for inventing the great towel warmer options to meet all your desire in removing the moisture and odor sensation out from your bathrooms.

Features of Spa luxe mini hot towel cabinet towel cabi

For the people who suffer with the moisture, mildews and odor sensation in their bathroom due to the wet hanging towels, Spa luxe mini hot towel cabinet towel cabi is the perfect solution for you to overcome these problems.

Outlook appearance – This mini hot towel cabinet can be a perfect fit with your space to decorate it. Its sleek and clean style outlook comes out with the neutral white and grey color to attract the people.

Interior construction – Its interior design is specially vented with the corrosion resistant and rust free aluminum material such that to last for a long duration terms. Not only it comes out with the sturdy construction, but also it included with the feature to easily move anywhere around your space based on your desire.

Ergonomic design – spa luxe mini hot towel cabinet is a unique attractive design that matches with all kind of bathroom decorations. It also consists of non slip designed handle door which let you to easily open and close with high stability.

Internal temperature – This hot towel cabinet towel cabi unit constitutes the ability to maintain its internal temperature up to 160 degree F with ZERO trouble effect. Its perfect blend finish is well fit for higher end bathroom designs without any extreme temperature distractions.

Heating technology – This innovative mini hot towel cabinet make use of the even heating technology that helps to save lot money in your electricity bills. It results in much more even and consistent heating effect to keep your towel hot before your bath.

Capacity ranging – Spa luxe mini hot towel cabinet can hold up to 25 regular towel sizing. It’s under mount dripping tray allow you to keep your towel interior with deep warmth condition.

Advantage of using the Spa Luxe Mini hot towel cabinet

You can just simply lay down your towel with this spa luxe mini hot towel cabinet to get rid of the moist and odor smell out from your bathroom space. Its sturdy rust proof design enables you to store and use this hot towel warmer for several years.

Its high capacity storage spacing helps to save your time wasted in warming out each and every towel separately. Also it ensures to supply you a warm towels all days in an adequate manner.

The constant heating temperature ranging in this spa luxe mini hot towel cabinet design offers you the ability to maintain the even tone warming effect not to damage the towels.

With this spa luxe mini hot towel cabinet warmer, you can able to warm out your wet towels within 15 minutes such that dry towels are ready to use within 20 minutes after your bath.

This unit is quiet fair in running out its door while opening and closing operation so that it provide peaceful environmental surrounding while taking bath or other services.

Spa Luxe Mini Hot Towel Cabinet Towel Cabi

Special Feature:

This spa luxe mini hot towel cabinet is specially designed with the rust free aluminum material to withstand the corrosion and other damages to the unit. Its even heating technology allows you to warm out your towels accurately and efficiently.

Key features:

+ Attractive design,

+ Even heating technology.


+ Long term guaranty,

+ Light weight unit.


+ Unfit for bulky towels.

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

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