There are many stylish and high quality towel warmers in the market. You want your bathroom to be classy by having stylish and perfect resulting towel warmers. Have you ever thought that the towel warmers are safe around children? Many have doubt in this and some had never thought about this question. While thinking about this issue I have a research towards it and finally came out with a result that the towel warmers are not safe around children.


This may be a shock to you because still now you haven’t placed your towel warmer away from your child. This article will clearly help you to know the reason why the towel warmers are not safe around children? And how can you place your towel warmer away from your child? Am sure this article will guide you to know the risk that occurs because of the towel warmers.

Reasons for why the towel warmers are not safe

Electric power

The towel warmers functions with the help of electricity. Once the device is power ON high range of electricity will be supplying in the bars of the warmer. When your child tries to touch the warmer high electricity supply in the warmer will harm your child.

Touching it directly after the shower

After the bath your child will be wet and they directly approaches the towel warmer to get their towel so when their hands are wet touching the towel warmers may cause serious issues because of the electricity used in it.


The towel warmer reaches the optimum temperature within 30 minutes. When it is overheated the warmer will be very hot and it may injure you if you touch the warmer. Children do not have any awareness about the towel warmers they try to touch them and it hurts when they are hot.

How to avoid?

Placing in top areas

To keep the warmer away from children you have to place the towel warmer in upper portion. By placing it in the top your child cannot touch the towel warmer so the child will be safe.

Hidden areas

The towel warmer should not be placed in the hidden area. Kids can get hurt by towel warmers when placing it in the frequently using area. When your child is about 13 months they are able to open the containers so avoid placing the warmers inside the containers in the frequent area.

Power OFF when not in use

The towel warmers should not be kept ON always. They should be kept OFF when the warmers are not in use. This helps the child to be not injured when it is in OFF. So check whether the indicator light is in ON or OFF.

Fold the warmers by towel

If you use free standing feet towel warmer or wall mounted towel warmer cover it completely with the towel so it does not allow your child to touch the hot bars. This may also help you when the warmers are covered by multi number of towels.

Teach your child

Another best way is teaching your child about the towel warmers. Give awareness about the towel warmers to your child whenever they move near it. This helps your child to fear for the towel warmer when it is in use.


Are you clear now? Have got idea about the safety of your child? You can surely see the result by following these methods. After following these techniques your child will be surely aware from the towel warmers. Hope this article helps you in a better way. You can be cool now because there will not be any issue about your child and the towel warmer.