The towel warmers are devices used for warming the towels from wet to dry form. These warmers operate on the principle of heating by which the wet from the towel gets drained out easily. They are useful devices and are considered to be an essential requirement within the bathrooms. They are classified into various types.


The types of towel warmers are purely based on the power of operation. Though they operate on various power features, the performance and durability of the product is maintained high to a great extend. This increases the durability and effectiveness of the product.

Types of towel warmer

As mentioned above, the towel warmers are classified into various types based on the power of operation. Apart from this, these devices can also be classified into various types based on the styles and design shapes used in the product. Various types of towel warmers are listed below.

Electrical towel warmer

The electrical towel warmers are simple towel warmers that operate with the help of electric power. These towel warmers heats up the metals bars. These heated bars are effective and they are used for warming the towels.

In addition to this, the electrical towel warmers are innovative devices that can be used durably in various environmental situations and conditions. They are available in various attractive designs and in various styles.

Generally, the electrical towel warmers are classified into two main types. Both the two types of devices are effective and they offer comfort and efficiency to the users. The two types are

Hard-wired towel warmers

The hard-wired towel warmers are innovative devices that are designed to interact with power directly. Generally the hardwired towel warmers are installed within the place with direct electric power connection. Moreover, all the hard-wired towel warmers come with a Switch ON/OFF technique. This switch is effective and it is used for the operation of the product.

Soft-wired towel warmers

 The soft wired towel warmers are also referred as plug-in towel warmers that use advanced cords for connecting the system to power supply. The cords used within them are made up of high quality materials that can withstand various loads of current and power.

The cords are available in various lengths so that it can connect the power supply within the rooms easily. Both the hard-wired and soft-wired towel warmers use same principle for operation.

Hydronic towel warmer

 The hydronic towel warmer is an innovative towel warmer that operates without electric power. These towel warmers are durable and they are considered to be energy efficient devices. The durability offered by these devices is high and so they add performance to the product.

The principle of operation used within this product is the heat diffusion. Generally, the hydronic towel warmers are connected to a water heater unit. This heater sends hot water to the towel warmers and so the heat from the water is diffused into the metals used by the towel warmers.  This heat is used for warming the towels.

Based on style and size

Apart from this, the towel warmers can be classified based on the style and types of the warmers. Some towel warmers are designed win traditional style and some warmers have a unique style for operation. Some towel warmers are compact and they have a space saving design with them. While some towel warmer are not compact and they use more space for storing many things within them.

Apart from this, there are two types of installation system used within the product; they are wall mounted installation and stand-alone installation. Both the installation mechanism is effective, and the performance offered by the product is high.

So select the best type of towel warmers as per as your need and use it durable for a long time.

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