The towel warmers are innovative devices that are considered as the basic constituents in many houses. The towel warmers are used to warm down the wet towels. One among the towel warmer is Warmrails RTC Mid Size Wall Mounted or floor standing towel warmer.


Usually, while affording a towel warmer, people fear about the installation system. This towel warmer has dual installation system and so you can use this product with comfort. This product is durable and it offers higher performance to the users.

Warmrails RTC Mid-Size towel warmer

The Warmrails RTC Mid-Size towel warmer is a attractive towel warmer can be used for warm towels, clothes, swim suits etc. this is a specially designed household towel warmer that fits perfectly within the washrooms. This product has various important features and advantages. Some important ones among them are listed below.



The important and attractive feature of the product is installation. This product is designed with dual installation system. One is wall mounted installation, and the other is stand alone installation.

The wall mounted installations is permanent installations and it cannot be re-positions where as the stand alone installation is easy and it can be repositioned. Apart from this, the wall mounted installation system requires some useful tools for installing the product. Generally, the wall mounted installation of this product requires experienced professionals.

Electric towel warmer

This is a electrical towel warmer that operates with the help of electricity and power. As it operates on electric power, it can be operated instantly without any loss in its performance and advanced functions. The input power required for the operation of this product is about 60 watts.

Electric heating technology

This product uses electric heating technology for warning the towels. This technology is effective, and it warns the towels instantly. Further, heat spreads out constantly throughout the product and this increases the performance of the device.

Steel design

This product is designed with high-quality steel material that can withstand various environmental conditions with durability and efficiency. This steel has corrosion resistant technology with it. Further, it also has weather resistant and temperature resistant feature with it. With these features, product can be used durably in various environmental conditions and climatic situations.

Chrome finish

The steel material used within the product has chrome finish with it. This plated material to increase the durability of the product. Further, it also makes the product attractive and so if offers a stylish look in the installed regions.


The design of this product is attractive and it has a sleek design with it. The outer frame of the towel warmer is attractive and is designed in pentagonal shape. Almost 4 rails are used within the frame. These rails are perfectly spaced and so the towels and cloths can be warmed instantly.

Compact and energy efficient

This product has a sleek design and so it can be stored in very less place. Further, the compact feature saves the space within the bathrooms and other places. This also increases the durability of the product, and so the performance and efficiency of this product can be maintained high for a long time.


Several important advantages equipped with the product are listed below.

  • The sleek design offers compact and easy storage option to the users.
  • The weather resistant feature keeps the product durable in various climatic conditions.
  • The power consumed by the device is low, and so it is a energy efficient product.
  • This product is stylish, and it can be used in all types of houses and bathrooms.


Through this product is useful, it is also equipped with some disadvantages. The metals get heated instantly, and so it may hurt the user. So they must use the product with care. The bars are never safe to touch when the device is on.

Warmrails RTC Mid Size Wall Mounted Or Floor Standing

Special Feature:

This product comes with both wall mounting and stands alone option, so that it can be sued as the as user comfort.

Key features:

+ Steel construction,

+ Attractive design.


+ Durable,

+ Easy to use.


+ Lack of safety.

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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From the above, it is clear that the Warmrails RTC Mid Size towel warmer is a innovative towel warmer that can be used in all types of houses. The features offered by this towel warmer is high and so it can be used even in the places with less capacity.

So try this towel warmer and share your views in the box given below.