The towel warmers are devices used for warming towels. These towels are used for treating pain, muscular spam, etc. Using warm towels gives complete relaxation to the users. Generally, warm towel treatment is considered to be a important process in spa that helps the user to relieve pain completely from the body.


So, it is important to have a towel warmer within the house. A best towel warmer that can treat various pains and health irregularities is the Warmrails WHC Hyde Park 39-Inch Towel Warmer. This is a standalone towel warmer that can be sued durable in various places as per as your need.

Warmrails WHC Hyde Park 39-Inch Towel Warmer

The Warmrails WHC Hyde Park 39-Inch Towel Warmer is a attractive towel warmer that can be used durably in various places and environmental conditions. The features of this towel warmer is useful, and the performance offered by this warmer is high compared to others. Some of the important features and advantages of this towel warmers are listed below.



The attractive feature of this towel warmer is its design. This is a rectangular towel warmer designed with multiple rails. These rails are effective, and they add performance to the device. Almost 8 rails are used within the warmer, and these rails are paired in a group of 4.

These groups are separated by a wide distance and so the towel warmer can be used for holding multiple towels at a time. Further, the rails are equally placed and so the durability of the product is maintained high compared to other devices.

Steel construction

The frame and the rails used within the product is made up of steel body. This steel is built with temperature resistant technology and so the durability offered by the product is high. Further, the steel body adds additional performance and advanced features to the users.

The steel body has chrome plating with it. This plating is attractive, and it offers a elegant look to the bathrooms. Further, this coating also increases the durability of the device. The entire product is completely plated with this coating as it gives an attractive look to the users.


This towel warmer is designed with a standalone mounting system that can be use as per as the need of the user. The stand alone mounting system is equipped with a flat base. The base is made in of steel and it holds the towel warmer erect position.

Electric towel warmer

This is a soft-wired towel warmer and so it uses electric power to operate the product. This product is designed with durable cord and this cord is used for connecting the device to the power supply. The length of the cord is about 7 foot.


This is a attractive towel warmer that has multiple functions with it. It can be use for warming all types and varieties of towels instantly. Further, various other clothes, accessories, a swimsuit can also be warmed easily with this product. The rails are spaced well and so the small towels and large towels can be warmed instantly.


Some important advantages offered by the product are given below.

  • The steel constructions offer durability to the product.
  • This product has rust-free design and so it can withstand moist and wet surroundings.
  • It is a standalone product and so it can be repositioned easily.
  • This product is designed with multiple functions, it can warm towels, cloths swimsuits etc. within less time.


The Warmrails WHC Hyde Park 39-Inch Towel Warmer is a user-friendly towel warmer that has very fewer disadvantages. This product heats instantly, and it should not be used when it is ON. Further, the chrome finish may wear off with time.

Warmrails WHC Hyde Park Towel Warmer

Special Feature:

The design of this product is attractive and it offers perfect finish to the users.

Key features:

+ 8-rails,

+ Steel body.


+ Multiple functions,

+ Durable.


+ No safety features.

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

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The above mentioned are various important and innovative features of Warmrails WHC Hyde Park 39-Inch Towel Warmer. Hope this article is useful to you. Read on our other reviewed articles to select a best towel warmer.