Don’t know how to keep your bathroom space out from odor sensation and harmful microbes? Bring something innovative and stylish in your bathroom. Buy Amba towel warmers now!


Surely you will be pleased with your new Amba towel warmer in get riding the unpleasant bathroom activities. Go through this review to pick the best one among the list of Amba towel warmers which I have mentioned below in this article.

About Amba

Amba is the first largest company for introducing these towel warmers to the world and within few months it becomes the world class famous products. The main target of the Amba manufacturer was crystal clear in developing the high grade towel warmer products to meet the requirements of the users.

Amba towel warmer products not only just tend to change your bathroom style, but also it provides luxurious usage within affordable ranging. Amba’s specialized towel warmer manufacturers aims at innovative designs so that all the products constitute the ability to gain its popularity among worldwide.

The Amba manufacturer carefully designed each and every product with high grade quality stainless steel material. Every Amba towel warmers won’t get convinced with its performance measure in removing the bad odor sensation, moist and mildew formation.

What makes people to buy these Amba towel warmer products?

Amba towel warmers are one of the most luxurious outlook towel warmers that help to completely destroy your bathroom myths. These towel warmers do not include any additional cost for installation process.

Stainless Steel Construction – Its creative stainless steel design make use of an advanced heating technology with radiant warming effect to thoroughly warm out your wet towels. Amba towel warmers are specially designed with accurate handcrafted finishing such that to make these products as an impressive one.

Innovative Design – These towel warmers are perfectly seal with innovative design such that it tends to maintain its rigorous quality standards without fail. It is highly vented with hand polish finish to prevent the unit from corrosion and rust formation.

Luxurious Energy Efficient System – You can look and feel a luxurious and stylish look and feel, such that you can able to add more value to your bathroom spacing. Amba towel warmer models are always energy efficient and make use of only a minimal amount of energy to run out.

Digitized Heating Effect – Its digitized heat controlling option allows the unit to even heat your wet clothing to become complete dry and hygienic. Not only it includes digital heat controlling unit, but also it is highly inbuilt with the timer setup to notify the user about the heating status.

Energy Consumption – With these digital Amba towel warmers, you can able to estimate the accurate amount of energy consumed by the towel warmer. It also helps to reduce the energy consumption thereby tends to boost up its efficiency in warming out wet damped towels and other fabric clothing.

Safe Installation – Install these Amba towel warmer perfectly to remains safe and secure from short circuiting and other bad happenings. Most of the products include the option of automated shut off feature to ensure about the overheating and optimal safety measure.

Efficient Controlling – The main task of Amba towel warmer is to keep your towels and bathroom spacing out from musty smell, mildew and moisture formation. You can easily control this Amba towel warmer product through its simple switching option and programmable timer setup.

Quick Heating – You will surely amaze to choose the best one among the best one among its wide variety of products available in the today’s market. Amba towel warmers provide you a great way to dry a wet or damped clothing, jacket and winter outwears quickly. 

List of Best Amba Towel Warmers

Picture Name Key Feature Price Our Rating
Amba RWH-CB Hardwired Towel WarmerLess expensive $$5 Stars (5 / 5)
amba-rwh-cp-towel-warmersAmba RWH-CP Hardwired towel warmerHigh quality $$4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)
Amba SAFSB-24 Solo towel warmerEasy dry out $4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
amba-j-b004-p-swivel-jill-towel-warmersAmba J-B004 P Swivel Jill towel warmerRust resistant $$4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)
amba-rwp-cb-radiant-curved-towel-warmerAmba RWH-SP straight towel warmerQuick warm $$4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

Amba RWH-CB Hardwired Towel Warmer

Looking for something modern and stylish for your bathroom spacing? Try this product named Amba RWH-CB radiant hardwired curved towel warmer. This Amba RWH-CB towel warmer is efficiently made through the stainless steel material to withstand bulk amount of towels and other clothing to hang out.

Comes out with 10 enough spaced bars to minimize the time involved in drying out the wet towels. This large sized towel warmer is much enough to warm out the big towels without causing any damages.

With its simple on and off switching option, you can able to control the heat establishment in both horizontal and vertical manners all over their bars. You need some professional expertise to install this product on to your bathroom walls.

This wall mountable towel warmer can able to draw 150 watts and needs only 5 minutes to heat up the unit. It includes best heated towel rails which looks luxurious and strong enough to warm your wet towels at a same time.

It makes use of the innovative heating technology to heat up the clothes efficiently without any overheating problems. This Amba towel warmer is a radiant towel heating unit which comes out with the sleek stylish design for your convenient usage.

This towel warmer unit is an added benefit for your modern bathroom spacing, kitchens and spa. Its high compatible stainless steel exterior comes out with brush finish that provides complete waterproof safe from heavy water exposure.

Its handsome curve looking design is a perfect fit for any kind of room spacing. Even you can make use of this towel warmer for outdoor activities also. This towel warmer make use of only a little bit of electricity power to run out the device for heating and drying out your wet towels.

Our #1 Pick:Amba RWH-CB Hardwired Towel Warmer

Special Feature:

Amba RWH-CB towel warmer is specially vented with high quality stainless steel material and also it includes 10 enough spaced bars to hang out wet towels for drying. It’s innovative heating technology warm out your towels with even heating effect and let you to stay safe and secure from overheating damages.

Key features:

+ Sleek curve shaped design,

+ Innovative heating technology.


+ Less expensive,

+ Easy to handle.

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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Amba RWH-CP Hardwired towel warmer

Do you want to fit efficient towel warmer design to your bathroom spacing? This Amba RWH-CP radiant hardwired curved towel warmer is the best solution to go for. It provides you an enormous amount of space in your bathroom to stay comfort with dry toasty towels.

This wall mountable towel warmer is made up of stainless steel material of high grade quality to withstand the extreme heat exposure. Its 10 enough spaced bars allow you to quickly heat up the rails for warming the wet towels.

With it’s on and off switching option, you can able to control the heating effect of this towel warmer based on the towel quantity. It is powered up with 150 watts to attain the good heating effect to warm out your towels.

Amba RHW-CP towel warmer is usually makes use of the hardwired technology to heat up your complete wet towels in a fast manner. This towel warmer comes out with the inclusion of the polished stainless steel finish to attract the visitors inside your bathroom spacing.

Its 7 days full time programmable timer unit provides you a full control and convenience over this towel warmer. Not only this Amba towel warmer is used for bathroom spacing, but also it is more compatible for any high end resorts, luxurious spa and so on.

Surely you will amaze with its high end heating performance. It also makes use of the energy efficient heat radiant technology to warm out your wet towels quickly without causing any damages.

Not only it warm out your towels, but also it dries up your blankets, winter jackets, small clothing and more. When compared to other brands of towel warmers, this Amba towel warmer model is slightly expensive than others.

Our #2 Pick:Amba RWH-CP Hardwired towel warmer

Special Feature:

This energy efficient towel warmer makes use of the heat radiant technology to warm out a lot numbers of your wet towels perfectly. Its 7 days full time programmable timer setup allows you to stay away from full time notifying and controlling the heating process.

Key features:

+ Energy efficient system,

+ High compatibility.


+ Quick heating effect,

+ High quality material.


+ No light weight.

Our Rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

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Amba SAFSB-24 Solo towel warmer

For the people who are looking for the best Amba towel warmer that quickly dry your towels in no time, then this Amba SAFSB-24 is the perfect bathroom appliance you are going to equip.

Amba SAFSB-24 free standing towel warmer is another classic outlook design that provides you exceptional heating abilities to stay out from harmful microbes and unpleasant smelling.

This freestanding towel warmer comes out with the design implementation of the 10 horizontal bars which are spaced broadly to increase the amount of heat provided for warming out your towels.

It is considered as the best option for everyone’s luxurious comfort stay within bathroom spacing. With this Amba towel warmer series, you can able to fold up yourself with dry, warm, toasty towels after every shower.

This waterproof towel warmer heat both horizontal and vertical bar allow your towel to remains dry quickly. It consists of two sets of bars in which each includes five straight crossbars to hang out several towels.

Its feet constitute rubber tips to prevent your floors from further scratches and other damages. This unit needs only a short duration to install in which it is simply affixed with two tight fitting screws.

Amba SAFSB-24 free standing towel warmer is one of the most effective high portability devices to dry out your wet towels. You can easily move anywhere around your space with this light weight fast moving towel warmer unit.

Our #3 Pick:Amba SAFSB-24 Solo towel warmer

Special Feature:

This light weight Amba towel warmer comes out with the classic outlook deign to warm out your wet towels quickly. Its waterproof brush finish let you to stay away from corrosion and rust formation.

Key features:

+ Free standing towel warmer,

+ Waterproof design.


+ Dry out quickly,

+ High quality material.


+ Slightly expensive than others.

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

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Amba J-B004 P Swivel Jill towel warmer

Apart from other towel warmer products, Amba implement you with a product named Amba J-B004 P swivel Jill towel warmer that does not compromise in warming the wet towels.

You can feel its sturdy construction made of high quality stainless steel unit to withstand against the corrosion and rust formation. It is specially vented with polished finish which does not include finger prints to point out.

With this traditional towel warmer, you can easily fix most of the common issued related in warming out your towels efficiently. This swing arm like towel warmer includes hinge that get attached to the wall directly.

Its swing arm further allows you to easily rotate the towel warmer up to 180 degree. Each of its arm moves independently with others which grant you to hang out lot numbers of larger towels.

This Amba towel warmer dries out your wet towels with the moderate temperature up to 136 degree F. It is very much compatible for smaller sized bathrooms. Its swivel mechanism allow you to move the two bar arm up to 180 degree separately such that you can able to warm out your towels away from wall.

Our #4 Pick:Amba J-B004 P Swivel Jill towel warmer

Special Feature:

This traditional towel warmer make use of the swivel mechanism to rotate each bars separately for efficient warm out.

Key features:

+ Swivel mechanism,

+ Traditional towel warmer.


+ Prevent rust formation,

+ High quality material.


+ Extreme heating effect.

Our Rating: 4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

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Amba RWH-SP straight towel warmer

Enjoy warm, dry and toasty hygienic towels with this Amba RWH-SP radiant hardwired straight towel warmer. It heat up your wet towels quickly with the implementation of its ten enough spaced cross bars.

It is highly equipped with polished stainless steel finish and a matching cover plate to avoid corrosion and rust formation. Use the discrete on and off switching option to easily notify the heating status of the unit.

This hardwired heating system is well known for its efficient heating performance. Its 10 heating rail bars are used for speeding up the towel warming process. The on and off inbuilt switching unit enable you to manipulate without any bad happenings.

Its compact sleek body brings a luxurious stylish outlook to your bathroom spacing. This high durable stainless steel towel warmer provides unbelievable comfort stay for you.

Our #5 Pick:Amba RWH-SP straight towel warmer

Special Feature:

This compact sleek towel warmer design let you to stay comfort even in the limited bathroom spacing. Its polish stainless steel finish constitutes the ability to withstand against extreme heat exposure.

Key features:

+ Radiant hardwired heating,

+ High durability.


+ Fast heating,

+ High quality material.


+ Bit pricey.

Our Rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

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Make use of any of the above listed Amba towel warmer products to keep shine your bathroom spacing. With these efficient heating towel warmers, you can easily wrap into a nice, smooth, dry and toasty hygienic towels. I do hope that this article help you to pick out the best one to clean out harmful microbes and odor sensation from your bathroom.