As there are different types of towel warmers electric towel warmers are considered as the best towel warmers because it works with the help of electricity once you plug in the device in the nearby electrical board it starts working and there is no need of extra installation needed. Once it reaches its optimum temperature it automatically shut off or we have to power off the device. This makes your job easier.


While you are busy in other works you don’t want to give any importance to these types of towel warmers they do their work automatically. They consume needed electricity to work and they results better within the limited time. The electric towel warmers are available in large number in the market and you cannot expect the accurate result in other Hydronic towel warmers.

I have done a research about the electric towel warmers to select the best towel warmers and I have also considered the reviews from the side of the customers because they can only give the correct information about its use and the drawbacks.

Best Electric Towel Warmers

After all the reviews I have selected the best 5 electric towel warmer that helps you with better results. The descriptions of the best products are explained below.

Picture Name Key Feature Price Our Rating
Brookstone Towel WarmerWarms even $5 Stars (5 / 5)
lcm-home-fashion-freestanding-towel-warmerLCM Home Fashion 6-Bar Towel WarmerSafe $4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)
amba-rwp-cb-radiant-curved-towel-warmerAmba RWP-CB Radiant Towel WarmerEasy to install $4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)
Warmly Yours Infinity Hard-Wire Towel WarmerDurable $$$4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)
myson-wdia12-12-towel-warmerMyson WDIA12 12-Bar owel WarmerReliable $$$4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

Brookstone Towel Warmer

The Brookstone towel warmer is the versatile product that used by lots of people. You are able to warm materials like towels, robes and bed sheets using this unit. This device is constructed with extra large design and it looks like a cone shaped. This device helps to warm and it reaches its optimum temperature within 10 minutes.

This extra large design helps to heat two large towels. The device has a transparent lid and that helps you to look the process done inside the device. This is ultimately flexible when you watch it from the upper side. This device heats nearly 120 degrees F. So you are able to heat the towel to its maximum heat within short period. This device has no special installation method and it works just plugging it in the nearby electrical board.

It has an extra feature that attracts the users by having the auto shut off option. This is very helpful even in your absence. This device is easy to use and they are highly safe. It work within the standard of 120V AC outlet. This is highly durable and they work user friendly for long days.

Most of the customers buy this product because they are highly suitable for using in the bathrooms. You can the warm towel soon after getting g out of the shower. This is why this product is rated first.

Our #1 Pick:Brookstone Towel Warmer

Special Feature:

This device is of extra large size with cone shape that looks attractive and comfort.

Key features:

+ 120V AC outlet,

+ Auto-shutoff.


+ Attractive design,

+ Heat evenly.

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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LCM Home Fashion 6-Bar Towel Warmer

The LCM Home Fashion 6-Bar Freestanding Towel Warmer, Drying Rack is the best product for your bathroom and other rooms in your home. It is highly versatile for its free standing style. It can be used as a dry delicates in the laundry room and warm blankets in the bed room. This device helps you to avoid mold and mildew growth. These electrical towel warmers make the towel warm and they make the towel stay warm for long time.

There is no need for wiring and plumbing it. There is no hard method to install this device just by plugging it in the nearby electrical board and make it play by switching the power ON. The device will reach the optimum temperature in 30 minutes. The temperature reaches 122 F at the maximum and so the towel gets warm quicker and they can be used soon. This device is constructed by using the Aluminum frame with the brush chrome-plated finish. So they are highly durable and they can be used for several years without any fault.

This device is constructed after a clear research of the customer reviews. This device is UL approved because it is considered as the safest product among all the products in the market. This can satisfy your needs and they are highly comfortable to you so that you can enjoy it by warming the towels and using it for long time till the warmness of the towel remains.

You are able to use this device frequently the whole day. This device is constructed with the best quality products so they are highly durable.

Our #2 Pick:LCM Home Fashion 6-Bar Towel Warmer

Special Feature:

The device is constructed with the help of aluminum frame so the product is considered as good quality one.

Key features:

+ Temperature reaches 122 F,

+ Aluminum frame.


+ Good quality,

+ Safe.


+ Bad smell arises.

Our Rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

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Amba RWP-CB Radiant Towel Warmer

The Amba RWP-CB Radiant Plug-In Curved Towel Warmer, Brushed makes the towel warm with the help of the radiant hard wired towel warmer. This device contains 10 crossbars for optimal drying that helps to heat up the towel quickly and gently.

It is made of 18/8 Stainless Steel and this towel warmer is available with a brushed or polished stainless steel finish and that includes a matching cover plate. You can use the discreet on/off switch, or you can use an optional plug-in or wall-mounted 7 day/24 hour programmable timer that should be purchased separately if you needed. The towel placed in this device can get hot soon. The bar is heated by both the horizontal and by the vertical way.

The specialty in this towel is it has a curved stricter that helps the towel to stay away from the wall. This helps you to stay away from any kind of electricity issues because when they are used in the bathrooms there are high chances to get water so the curved shape helps you from that. This device makes your clothes warm and dry within the need time. So it will be highly usable in the winter days.

The bars in the device heats up the towels and make it dry or warm as per your need. Check whether you need the towel warmer or dry and set the timing for the temperature needed. As it is programmable this device can work for 24 hours also there is no need for charging it once if the device is plugged then the device automatically plays.

Our #3 Pick:Amba RWP-CB Radiant Towel Warmer

Special Feature:

This device is easy to install so you do not feel hard to fix it and use it.

Key features:

+ 18/8 stainless steel,

+ Built in on/off switch.


+ Heats fast,

+ Easy to install.


+ Poor end caps.

Our Rating: 4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

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Warmly Yours Infinity Hard-Wire Towel Warmer

Everyone enjoys having a warm towel after the cool shower. I am sure that the Warmly Yours Infinity Hard-Wire Towel Warmer will surely give you the warm towel after your shower. This electric towel warmer is one of the best products in the market and this is highly supplied for it hard wired system and the timer included in it. This may help you set the time and do any other job when the time is crossed the device automatically shuts off.

This device is made of 10 bars of stainless steel with chrome finish this makes the device durable and really they work for long days without any issues. They work with 120 volts, 150 watts, 1.25 Amps and this helps you to get accurate result. This towel warmer is lengthy and so you are able to place multiple numbers of towels in a single cycle. This electric towel warmer is ultimately easy to use and they do not need any extra installation to work. Just plugging in the nearby electric board you can make the device work.

This can be fitted in any room and as it is the wall mounted towel warmer it makes your bathroom look stylish. By placing it as a wall mounted towel warmer there is no worry about your child getting harm by this warmer. By folding the towel in this warmer you are able to get well dried towel. The sleek bars help the towel to be heated well and they are warmer equally. As the device has large space you are able to use multiple towels to be warmed in the same time.

This device does not allow the mold and mildew to be grown in the towel. This helps to avoid skin problems when you use these towel warmers. This device is constructed with two options, a hardwire model and plug in model. You can use it by temporary placement or by permanent placement.

Our #4 Pick:Warmly Yours Infinity Hard-Wire Towel Warmer

Special Feature:

This device can be used by permanent placement as well as the temporary placement.

Key features:

+ 120 volts,

+ 150 watts.


+ Good quality,

+ Durable.


+ Poor switch.

Our Rating: 4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

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Myson WDIA12 12-Bar owel Warmer

The Myson WDIA12 12-Bar Wall Mount Towel Warmer, Bright Finish, Diamond is the simplest designed towel warmer. This can be used as the wall mounted towel warmer which is permanently fixed. It is made of 12 bars which is made of stainless steel bright finish and comes with a standard plug and 4 foot cord. This helps you for easy installation and the instruction guide will be clearly given for you along the package.

This electric towel warmer is certified as the safest towel warmer and approved by ETL. So there will not be any fault by its electric models. This device helps you to save electric heats and they allow the needed heat to the towel to get warm. The towels will be warmed well when the devices reaches its optimum temperature. It can keep your towel warm and dry so you can use this device for both warming and drying. This is fixable in every room but you can find easier when it is placed in the bathroom.

By fixing the towel warmer in the bathroom you are able to get a warm towel after your shower. This makes you feel relaxed sudden after the shower. As it has 12 bars the device can work with multiple numbers of towels in a single cycle. This type of device works well in all type of climate. So you can feel the warmness very well in winter seasons. This device not only warm you towel it also warm other clothing’s like shocks, bed sheets, blanket etc.

 It also makes your room warmer by leaving the device ON and without any towels in it. This helps to make your room warm. You are able to keep your children away from this by fixing in the topper area of your room.

Our #5 Pick:Myson WDIA12 12-Bar owel Warmer

Special Feature:

This device has standard board and 4 foot cord this makes your device easy to install.

Key features:

+ ETL Approved,

+ Electric models.


+ Easy to install,

+ Highly safe.


+ Weights heavy.

Our Rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

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As there are many different kinds of towel warmers in the market the highly sold towel warmers are the electric towel warmers. Electric towel heaters are the best towel heaters that do not disturb you while it’s working. The above products are the top rated electric towel warmers in the market. These devices are compared with the other products and selected as the best products. Every activities and benefits and the draw backs of these products are noted and then it is described above for your knowledge. These products make your work easy and they give best result more than your expectations. Select the product that suits your room and fulfill your demands. Hope this article gives you a warm feeling after getting an idea of the best electric towel warmers.