Before going to purchase a new towel warmer, most of you got struck with the types of towel warmers outcome in the today’s market. Towel warmer is one of the essential tools present in every modern type of bathroom space to warm out your towels.


Not only it dry up your towels, but also it helps to hang and dry other clothing accessories efficiently under a fraction of minutes. With the various outcomes of towel warmers, you can able to divide them with two major types named electric towel warmers and hydronic towel warmers.

While moving on to the towel warmer purchasing, finding out the dissimilarities among electric and hydronic towel warmers are little much risk and tricky. You may read this article to know the exact difference involved between the electric and hydronic towel warmers.

Differentiation steps between Electric and Hydronic towel warmer

Towel warmers are the effective way to add deep warmth, hygienic and luxurious look at your bathroom spacing. Keep on damping your towels and other clothing on the towel warmer for drying the air faster out from it. Due to this, mildews, moist and odor sensation are less likely to equip on your towels.

With all such benefits, most of the people start to use these towel warmers even at kitchens, basement and mudrooms to stay away from wet, moist and humidity. Take a look down to see the differentiation factors developed in the electric towel warmer and hydronic towel warmer.

Towel Warmer Types: Electric Vs Hydronic towel warmer

Electric Towel Warmers

Just like its name, the electric towel warmer make use of an electrical heating method to heat the towel warmer bars. You can easily install these electric towel warmers anywhere around your space. Electric towel warmers comes out in three different types such as freestanding, wall mount plug in and wall mount hardwired.

1. Freestanding plug in towel warmer – It is featuring with high portability such that you can able to move this towel warmer easily around your space. Freestanding towel warmer offers a great flexibility for installation process which runs out through electrical power plugged into a standard household outlet.

2. Wall Mountable Plug in Towel Warmer – These towel warmers are little much differing and difficult to install when compared with freestanding towel warmer because they get attached to the wall surface directly. It also make use of standard outlet to plug in anywhere but with the design element such as wainscoting, tiles and some more, it is troublesome to install.

3. Wall Mount Hardwired Towel Warmer – Wall mount hardwired towel warmer are integrated with the electrical system to run out efficiently. Being varied in electrical configuration and plumbing, hardwired towel warmers are more difficult to install.

Hydronic Towel Warmers

While electric towel warmers depend on electrical supply whereas hydronic towel warmers make use of the hot water, boiler or radiator system to heap up the tower warmer bars. It does not include any other types and it is controlled by the valve that heats the water flowing through the warmer. It efficiently warm out the towels by connecting the towel warmer through home’s hot water heater or specific hydronic heating system.

Working Principle: Electric Vs Hydronic towel warmer

Electric towel warmers make use of the electricity to heat up the rails for hanging the towels. Its two major types of sub divisions named hardwired towel warmer and plug in towel warmer.

Hardwired towel warmers are directly integrated into the electrical system whereas the plug in towel warmers is easily plugged in to the sockets for warming your wet towels and other clothing.

Electric towel warmers works on the home’s electricity and it heat up the dry filament inbuilt within this unit to warm out your towels efficiently. It provides enough heat to warm lot of towels at a same time. Its electric elements heat up the liquid to cause heat circulation and transfer it to outside of the rails.

On the other hand, hydronic towel warmers develop the heat that let the hot water to flow throughout the rail bars of the towel warmer. The flow of hot water circulation comes from the home’s internal heater system or hydronic heating system.

Installation Process: Electric Vs Hydronic towel warmer

Installation is one of the important crises to be considered before moving on to the towel warmer purchasing. Installation process not only helps to notify you about the model that suits well with your space, but also it let you to select the best one under your budget.

The plug in electric towel warmer works similar like other home appliances and also it can be easily installed due to its high portability. Hardwired plug in electric towel warmers get integrated into an electrical system such that it take long time with professional assistance for installation process.

Compared to electric towel warmers, the hydronic towel warmers are troublesome to install. Hydronic towel warmer get their heat from inbuilt heater system or hydronic heat system which makes the installation process much difficult to implement.

Energy Efficient System: Electric Vs Hydronic towel warmers

Both hardwired and plug in electric towel warmers tends to consume little amount of energy as that of light bulbs based on its size and switching option. Most of the electric towel warmers come out with the timer setup to help you in saving the power usage when you forget to turn off the unit.

The real fact is that, while comparing electric and hydronic towel warmer, the hydronic towel warmers are the real heroes to save your money wasted in paying your electricity bills. Being indulged with hot water system of your home setup, hydronic towel warmer consume little amount of power.

Thermostat installation: Electric Vs Hydronic Towel warmers

Electric towel warmers have an inbuilt thermostat so that you can able to control the temperature and it includes some automated feature not to worry in remembering the turning off your appliance. Whereas hydronic towel warmers does not make use of thermostat for controlling the temperature.

Storage Spacing: Electric Vs Hydronic Towel warmers

If you have the limited wall spacing, then electric towel warmers are the best option to go for. It offers an enough area to save your space such that it simple elegant sleek design provides several benefit to stay away from moisture content, mildew formation and bad odor sensation. Apart from electrical towel warmers, the hydronic towel warmers need much space to equip the towel warmers and its additional installation requirements.

Price Tags: Electric Vs Hydronic Towel Warmers

While considering the price tag for electric and hydronic towel warmers, electric towel warmers are easier to install and you don’t need to afford much in equipping it. Whereas hydronic towel warmers are harder one to install in which they are cost effective in the long run.

Guaranty factor: Electric Vs Hydronic Towel Warmers

Coming to notify about guaranty factor, hydronic towel warmer modes constitute the ability to last long duration term due to its long processed installation measure. Electric towel warmers are not as much guaranteed when comparing with hydronic towel warmers. With these electric towel warmers, you can use it as long as the electricity power is available whereas hydronic towel warmers can be used even the power runs out.


Equipping the best towel warmers rely on the money investment and the one that fits well with your needs to meet the warming requirements. Although electric and hydronic towel warmers consists of slight differences, both are convenient and worthy to investment your valuable money. Both depends on the fact to help you in getting rid of the unbearable factors such as harmful microbes, moist, mildews and musty smell out from your bathroom space. If you feel this article as a useful one, do share your valuable comments below.