Hurry up! Don’t waste your time to warm out your wet towels for several hours. Go and purchase this inexpensive wall mounted towel warmer brand named Myson towel warmer to keep your towel dry, warm and toasty within few minutes.


Myson WPRL08 towel warmer does not compromise with the quality and operative performance of the product. Not only it is easily affordable under lowest price tags, but also it offers an incredible quick heating effect to warm out your towels within a short span.

You can easily install this Myson WPRL08 towel warmer such that it will heat up within 10 minutes from switching on. I hope it is a right choice for you to diminish your precious time wasted for several hours to heat and warm out your towels.

If performance, outlook appearance and affording range are your first preference, then I won’t stop you from purchasing this myson towel warmer model. Take a look down in this article to find more informative measure about this myson towel warmer series before moving on to purchase.

What are the features that makes a Myson WPRL08 towel warmer the best?

Want to get rid of the moist and odors smell out from your towels hanging over the bathrooms? Myson WPRL08 8 bar wall mountable towel warmer is the perfect option for you to make a smart move for purchasing it.

Bar Implementation – With this myson wall mounting towel warmer series, you can attain enough space with its 8 bar implementation. It performs with high efficiency to keep your bathroom in a warm state.

Stainless steel construction – It is specially designed and vented with durable casing of stainless steel material to hang and dry out your bulk amount of accessories at a same time.

Wall mounting option – It is a wall mountable unit which requires 4 wall brackets to get attached with the surface of the wall.

Energy efficient system – This energy efficient system let you to stay safe and worry free against bad happenings. It consumes only less amount of energy compared to that of the light bulb power consumption.

ETL authorization – To show its excellent performance and high reliability in heating and warming the towels efficiently, it is highly approved with the ETL authorization for user safe and secure usage purpose.

Benefits of using this Myson WPRL08 Towel Warmer

If you make use of this Myson 8 bar wall mounting towel warmer, you can able to save lot money on your electricity bills. You can experience the safe reliable heating effect with hassle free performance.

You can equip towels, coats, underwear, small blankets and much more with this smaller unit named Myson WPRL08 wall mount towel warmer. With its illuminated on and off switching option, you can attain a full comfort safe zone usage.

This light weight measurable myson towel warmer unit is easy to install and handle.  Its safe electric heating technology enables you to stay safe from bad odor smells, moist and mildews formation.

When you make use of this Myson WPRL08 8 bar wall mount towel warmer, you just bring the spa effect within your bathroom to keep your towel dry throughout the year. Finest of all, the installation is very much easy as it comes with a package and all other requirements so that you do not need any extra installation process.

Myson WPRL08 8 Bar Wall Mount Towel Warmer

Special Feature:

This myson towel warmer series included with the feature of 8 enough spaced wall mountable towel warmer to equip your towels and other clothing in a warm state every time. Its safe electric heating technology enables you not to waste your saving against electricity bills.

Key features:

+ 8 bar wall mounting,

+ 4 wall brackets.


+ Prevent moisture,

+ Easy to install.


+ Moderate fast heating effect.

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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If you install this myson WPRL08 towel warmer in your bathrooms, you can easily drape your towels on its bar without worrying about the towels to get damaged. Its complete stylish finish enables you to decorate your home as per your desire. Do consider all these benefits and features about myson 8 bar wall mount towel warmer which I have reviewed in this article, such that it will resembles you a smart option to purchase this product under a reasonable price tag.