Warmrails towel warmers are best for their wall-mounted models, and this particular model brings you more benefits and includes a lot of advanced features that were not present in the previous models. Today we are going to check out the HSRS Warmrails Towel Warmers in detail below.

Warmrails HSRS

About Warmrails

Before going to the product specification and characteristics, let’s know something about the manufacturer. The company was incorporated in 1999 and was discovered by two native New Zealanders.

They created five different styles of towel warmers variety based on the customer’s needs, and luxuries at an affordable Price, the uniqueness of the manufacturer, is that they used less energy when compared to a light bulb.

About the Product HSRS Towel Warmer

The towel warmer is a wall-mounted model that includes eight different bars, and you will be able to hang various items at once, and therefore this would be ideal for the entire family to warm up.

Warmrails HSRS1

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The towel warmers are designed in a way that they run for 24 hours a day as they are empowered by electrical outlet which is considered to be the standard one but using fewer watts(50-watts) for warming your bathing suits, towels, blankets, delicate and other items in the bathroom.

Turn any bathroom into a Luxury Spa.

The two native new Zealanders designed this towel warmer to be a high end one at an affordable rate so that you can easily and quickly make up your bathroom into a luxury spa.

Your whole family will be able to have these cozy towels immediately after stepping out of the bath or shower with the help of this HSRS towel warmers. You can enjoy dry and warm towels the entire day with this luxurious and affordable towel holder.

Multi-Functioning Towel Warmer

Just from warming the towels, this towel warmer can be accessed for performing multiple functions, you can drape any delicate material which is not able to place in the dryer in this towel warmer and make them dry quickly. You can use the warmer to dry the bathing suits and other dresses, blankets, etc. with ease.

Wall Mount Towel Warmer

Best for the bathroom that contains limited floor spaces, they have a softwire and hardwire option along with a breathtaking chrome finish. You can mount the towel warmer near to shower or near to any patio, for placing your bathing suits, blankets, and other delicate materials all day.

What is inside the packet?

The product encloses 7 feet Electrical cord, Hardware for installation, On/Off switch that can be illuminated and user manual. The towel warmers measure about 17.5 inches in length,24.35 inches in height and 4.75 inches in width.


With the help of the instruction manual, you can make the installation easier, and it does not take much time for the towel warmer to get installed.

Benefits of HSRS Towel Warmer

Some advantages of the wall mounted towel warmer includes.

  • Affordable
  • Attractive Chrome Finish
  • Highly Reliable
  • Easy Installation
  • Versatile
  • Supports multiple functionalities
  • One year Warranty

Drawbacks of HSRS Wall Mount Towel Warmer

Every product has a lag, taking this product most of the customer’s found the problem with the long cord, they did not auger well so that they found harder to use the towel warmers in outdoor locations.

Final Words

Hope the above detailed and simple explanation on Warmrail Wall mount HSRS model of Towel Warmer helped you know them in depth.

Any queries, suggestions, and ideas on the product are welcome.